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Welcome to Ask the Nurse Leader! This column is dedicated to Nurses and ancillary support staff who would like to inquire about topics that spark their curiosity and interest. Transparent questions and answers that would enhance the growth of Nurses and their understanding of Nursing Leadership. We hope this will enlighten Nurses point of view of Nursing Leadership and open doors to coaching, mentoring, and insight that contributes to patient care satisfaction as well as staff satisfaction. We hope to increase emerging Nurse Leaders interest in leadership with clear answers to their questions.

If you would like to ask a question of our nurse leader, please CLICK HERE.
  • Education Award Winner 2016

    by Pat Magrath – National Sales Manager DiversityNursing.com Jaylon Harkness – Oncology Nurse Navigator – …

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    Requirements for Entering Our 2017 $5,000 Education Award No essay required. You must be enrolled as …

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Cultural Competency: Matters of Modesty

Growing up, we were taught to be modest. As we became adults and more comfortable with who we are as a person, modesty may have become more important in our lives, or perhaps, less important. It depends on our personal circumstances and beliefs. Whatever our personal feelings are, as a …

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Important Questions Regarding Your Diversity, Inclusion and Cultural Proficiency

Cultural Diversity The emergence of cultural diversity in today’s society has impacted the inner-framework of the healthcare sector. By the year 2043, studies predict that the current ethnic and racial minority group populations will become the new majority. Diversity, Inclusion and Cultural Competence are topics that carry weight and emphasis …

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10 Tips On Providing Culturally Competent Care To LGBTQ Patients

How knowledgeable are you about the LGBTQ community and their healthcare issues? Do you know enough about the terms used in this community, such as the word queer? It doesn’t mean what it used to mean. As the LGBTQ community becomes more comfortable coming out and expressing themselves, hopefully they …

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Crocheted Octopus Dolls Helping Preemies Thrive

Do you or someone you know, love to knit or crochet? Perhaps you’d be interested in putting those skills to work for a terrific cause. Check out what they’re doing in England and other parts of the world to help preemies thrive. By crocheting an octopus and giving it to …

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A More Diverse America Needs Health Care Adjustments

How can you properly care for a patient if you don’t understand their personal needs? Communication is key. Making a patient comfortable goes far beyond providing warm blankets. It is about the patient trusting you and knowing you have things in common that show them you understand how they feel …

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