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I’m Intersted in Holistic Health and Working From Home

Angela Adjetey-Appiah, MSN, MPH, MA, RN, FAACM
Director of Oncology Services Exeter Hospital
Special Author for Diversitynursing.com 

I received my R.N. diploma in 1976, B.S. in Health Arts in 1983, and have 25+ years in O.R. and O.B. The past nine years of which was in pre-op interview at an outpatient center, dealing with telephone assessment and converting to total electronic health records. I am interested in holistic health with emphasis on preventative care. Would prefer to work from home, as I turned sixty this year, and currently am helping a friend through chemo. Any suggestions?

Most positions have a set of criteria. I will encourage you to seek the competencies needed to be a holistic nurse in a preventive/primary care setting.
You will need to know if certification is needed in the role you wish to assume.
What type of on the job training might be provided
If you would like to work from home, some of the questions you should ask yourself include:
Do you want to be self-employed versus working for an organization from home?
website for resource: http://www.ahna.org/


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